Getting MONEY from the best autosurf program!!!

12daily pro 
- 12% daily 

In the world of 12Dailypro, time is money - the faster you upgrade your account and surf the required 12 websites, the sooner you will earn the 12% daily. But for people who are not familiar with paid autosurf programs, the whole process can be quite bewildering. So here is a detailed step-by-step explanation:

Getting started is easy as ABC.
Simply follow the detailed instructions provided in the steps below.


Step 1: Join 12Dailypro

              To signup an account with 12dailypro, click on this link : 12dailypro
                 - On the next screen, click on `Sign Up'.

                 - Fill in the registration form as shown below
                  Make sure referral no : 204990 as pic 

                  If different no, click image above or click here  to change no 204990
The very first time you log into 12Dailypro, you will see this message:

             Despite what the message says, DO NOT click on `Start Surfing' right away
             If you surf without upgrading your account, you will be unable to upgrade your account
             until the next day, and therefore will not earn 12% for that day

Step 2: Open Stormpay Account and Deposit Funds

            12DailyPro only accept 2 types of payment processors at the moment in order to upgrade your account: 
Stormpay and  EMO associates with   Egold
            If you already have one of these accounts,  you can skip straight to Step 3, otherwise read on.

If you do not have an account with either of these payment processors, I recommend using Stormpay for your first upgrade, as it is more convenient and gets you started quicker. Stormpay recently lowered its fees as well, making it even more competitive. To open a Stormpay account, please click on the following banner:

Then on Stormpay's home page, click on the link at the bottom of the page :

The registration form is very straightforward, complete it and you will have opened a Stormpay account! The reason I say Stormpay is very convenient is because you can use your credit/debit card to fund the account (usually instantaneous) at only a 3% charge.

As I mentioned earlier, Stormpay recently lowered its fees, specifically its receipt fee from 6.9% + $0.69 to 2.9% + $0.39, a saving of 4%. However, to benefit from this lower fee structure, you will need to purchase an E-mail NetIBA certificate which costs $19.95 for one year. So if you are expecting to receive more than $500 in one year (I know I am), then you will save money by getting NetIBA certified. You can purchase the NetIBA certificate here or on the logo.

To be able to deposit funds from your credit card into your stormpay account, your credit card must be verified first. Select “Profile/Setup” in the left hand column and then select “Credit Cards”. Fill in the required information and then select “Preview”. Once your credit card has been verified you will be able to deposit money into your account.

To add funds to your stormpay account, simply log into your account, and select “Deposit Funds” in the left hand column.

Next Select you method of payment. I have personally only used a credit card, so I will explain the credit card deposit method.

Select the type of credit card you would like to use.

Enter all the required information and select the “submit” button.

The rest is pretty straightforward.

Step 3: Upgrade 12Dailypro Account

Now that you have some money in your Stormpay account, it's time to use them to upgrade your 12Dailypro account. First you need to let 12Dailypro know about your new E-gold or Stormpay details. Log into 12Dailypro, and click on `Edit Your Account Details':

On the next page, scroll down to the middle of the screen and enter your Stormpay account details. Remember that the password required is your 12Dailypro password, and click on `Save':

You will see a message informing you that `your payment processor settings have been successfully changed'. Click on `Upgrade Account':

On the next screen, select `No' for `Allow Minimized Viewing?', then in the blank field, enter the amount of money you wish to invest divided by 6. For example, if you wish to invest US $60, type in 10 because each unit cost $6.


Choose to pay using Stormpay, and click on `Preview'. On the next page, click `Pay with Stormpay':

You will be brought to the Stormpay payment screen, the rest should be self-explanatory. Remember to click `Continue'  after you have made the payment.

Step 4: Start Surfing

Once you are back on 12Dailypro's website, finally you are going to perform the activity for which you are paid - viewing advertisements. Click on `Start Surfing', and your browser will automatically surf through the websites. You do not need to be sitting in front of the computer watching the ads, you can actually go away and do something else, like make yourself an aromatic cup of coffee.

Once you have completed your required quota of 12 websites, you will be informed on the surf bar, and you can then click on `Open Account' to go back to 12Dailypro's main menu.(Highlighted in blue). As soon as you view the 12th website, your earnings will be displayed. (Highlighted in green)

Check that you have earned 12% of your upgrade by looking at your `Cash Balance'. One good way of telling that you have surfed your required quota is to check the date next to your cash balance, make sure it is updated for today. Repeat this for 12 days, and you will have made a 44% profit on your investment (12 days x 12% = 144% minus your initial investment = 44% profit).


All the best... and hope you will enjoy every single penny/cent that you invest...!!!!!!!

PS: the best way to try it out, is to make 3 investments (own pocket) one week apart. You will then get payments week after week. This really works. The fourth upgrade will be done using the money you will get from your very first upgrade.